Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Fresh Start

So I’ve decided to start blogging again. It’s the perfect time—as I write this, I’m sitting in an airport, and starting tonight will be living in a completely unknown city for about two months, then flying back to school and taking the ever-fabulous GREs before the start of Senior Year (OMG!). Most importantly, I’ve always loved writing (especially about myself!), and I miss putting all of my weird thoughts into words, miss the clarity that affords me.

I’ve realized, however, that there’s something wrong with my past blogs. Well, not exactly wrongly, but embarrassing. I would probably kill anyone who found my old xanga, written as a thoughtful, aka whiny and possessing too much time, teenager. And while I love my old livejournal, which was with me through most of high school, most of it is written with a certain feeling of anonymity. All of my ranting, meticulous lists about classes and activities, as well as lengthy musings on politics, religion, and people, were never meant for public consumption. The way I saw it, only my good friends who knew about the journal would ever read them, and maybe some randomly curious strangers. Looking back, I think this attitude led to more self-indulgent blogging. Like a beginning writer, my work (mainly) only mattered to me, affected me, and amused me me me.

In starting this blog, I want to create a different space. I want this to be a testament to myself, my writing, and (hopefully) my wit. I don’t want to list the specifics of what any given day entails, but rather pen the feelings each week brings up. If I succeed, anyone who reads will think, “what a cool chick”, but also “hmm, well in my opinion … *some reaction or brilliant thought*”. Basically, I want to be a fun, engaging, open book.

Onwards! :)

PS Cannot decide whether overuse of smileys is immature and annoying, but I will work hard to overcome natural inclination to use a million of them. Hoping to come off as insightful adult with fabulous blog!

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