Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm ba-ack!

Hey guys, remember how I have a personal finance blog?  It's been laying fallow of new words and financial obsessions for too long.  Fear not, I am just as obsessed with personal finance as ever!  I am still capable of (and unstoppable in) talking at length (and way passionately) about student loans, mortgages, 401ks, investing, credit card points, and all that good stuff.  Why yes, my husband and I WERE late to meet friends at a beer garden just yesterday because we got into a heated discussion about the merits of extra mortgage payments vs investing.  My lovely household is as abnormal as ever.  We're experiencing a prolonged period of financial zen.

Which, actually, besides Life Stuff (the capital letters are necessary), is the reason my blog has been empty.  We're doing well - my husband with a raise at a job he loves, me with my generous grad school supporting me as I write my thesis and leave the land of academia behind with a master's.  I've never felt more financially (and thus emotionally) secure in the face of uncertainty (finding employment!  Woo!).  My husband and I are on track to achieve a major milestone this year - investing more money than we spend.  And yet.  And yet.  It feels like being as open about finances as I have been in the past (=too open, according to everyone else ever, except crucially my husband), won't really be helpful.  Won't be interesting, won't be inspiring, won't be motivating, but will be bragging.  It's been hard to figure out how to shift from being ultra-personal to being witty and clear without my life laid out nakedly as a reference.  Not that I have an qualms with sharing (or any shame about it) - I just don't want to be an asshole.  Nobody likes a braggart with a public blog on the internets who saves more money than you.

I've been doing a lot of thinking (and reading) over the last few months and changed my views on several topics.  Namely, I'll be getting a 30 year (rather than 15 year) mortgage if I ever get one, and I now understand why and how married couples can keep completely separate finances successfully.  More on all that later.  I can promise many semi-regular blog posts to come as I grow older (hopefully slightly wiser too) and continue to wonder how I've fooled everyone into thinking I'm adult-ing properly.  Suckas!

PS I just viewed my blog to copy this post's link, and became my own blog's 10,000th view! I'm thinking at least 9,500 of those views were people other than me, which is pretty cool.

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