Thursday, May 19, 2011

I can has diploma

Most graduation speeches are well-intentioned, well-meaning, but often unoriginal, cliche, and uninspiring. I always assumed that when my turn came to graduate, the speeches would resonate and become rife with personal meaning. Not exactly. Regardless, I am so appreciative that my parents came down for my graduation, and many speakers offered advice, wisdom, and compliments to my graduating class. Collectively, we are undeniable awesome, accomplished, and impressive. (and modest!)

Now that I'm home, besides bumming around and watching endless home improvement shows, I've been focusing on travel plans. And oh boy, is traveling expensive. I want to go to Russia, Greece, New Haven, Chicago, NYC, Charlotte, Nickerson State Park, NJ, Maine and DC to visit grandparents, friends, my boyfriend, to look for an apartment, to relax, and to marvel.

As a recent graduate and a reasonable person, I obviously want to be as smart as possible about my spending. Some thoughts I keep in mind:

1) For US travel, I want to check out Jetblue's sales-- many Thursdays they advertise terrific rates that can't be beat. I'm flying home from my boyfriend's graduation party for 20 dollars. That is so ridiculous.
2) Going to Russia requires getting a visa-- for speed and peace of mind, I intend to employ the help of a Travel Agency. This is totally going to cost more money, but I feel more comfortable letting professionals handle such a difficult process. Of course, if time wasn't an issue, I absolutely believe you can save money by doing things yourself.
3) Staying with friends makes for fun and more affordable travel. You can take advantage of having a kitchen and utensils by making them dinner and saving money for the nights you do go out. Staying with friends and family is a win-win situation for everyone.

Here's hoping for nicer, warmer weather (I want to wear my new dress!). I'll be posting more often, so you can look forward to that as well. :)

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