Monday, April 4, 2011

On short hair

"You got a haircut". *silence*

I got a lot of that the past few days-- I got my hair cut super short. Three summers ago was my first time. Yep, nobody really thought it was a good idea, but I'm pretty low-maintenance with my hair, and short hair is so easy and effortlessly looks great, and you know what? I totally rock the look now. Many friends, especially guys, who were non-believers that short hair complements a beautiful woman's face (hey there, self-compliment) have told me how great my hair is.

Their only problem is that I keep going shorter and shorter. What can I say, the weightlessness of short hair, having to spend <.00001 seconds every morning ... I am addicted.

I was going to write more, but I realized how boring writing about my hair is, plus I'm dying for some chocolate. And according to Dina logic, the less time I spend writing, the less time I will be chocolate-less. You see, Rite Aid is only a block away, but it's raining, but I really want chocolate, so I'll go.

Freshman year of college, when I craved chocolate late at night, I would go out to this super sketchy area to get chocolate from a gas station. Why yes, we got several emails about people being robbed on that street at night. I'd like to think I'm mostly intelligent, but not about chocolate clearly.

April, in addition to being the month of my brother's birthday, and the last full month of my undergrad career, is FINANCIAL LITERACY MONTH!

I invite you to flip through a financial magazine at your library (public or school), and read an article that catches your interest. Kiplinger's has some great articles about people achieving pretty fantastic things-- starting a $1M business, saving 1.4 million, putting oneself through college with no debt. I can't wait to read them, myself!

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  1. I thought you liked those other snow dogs... those white ones.